Sustainable Fashion Consultancy

Helping fashion brands navigate and grow in the digital age



From conception to design, from the selection of suitable production partners to the definition of the desired price, from the selection of suitable materials and treatments to prototype monitoring - we take care of every step in the product life cycle chain.



We can be your external, exclusive innovation lab. The expertise of our specialists and our deep networking over the years to NGOs, global supply base and technical engineering specialists in the textile industry allow us to provide your organisation with meaningful and innovative concepts.



Market data and consumer analysis is key. Our thinking and work process is based on a 360 degree observation of the market. The digital and conventional touch points of our target consumer lead us to discuss beyond fashion. Fast- moving goods mirror our contemporary, demographic evolution, changing our world of tomorrow. As senior experts, we consult non-fashion industries in projects concerning brand building and consumer analysis.


We are not only a design agency, concepts and products we are developing are inspired and reviewed by experts in all steps of the creation and go to market process. This allows us speed and quality.

Our team of experts in fashion design, brand management, sales and production management works with emerging brands and established international companies at every stage of their design, development and production processes to build successful apparel companies. We strongly believe in developing each individual product individually with the highest possible level of sustainability and innovation, whether recycled, handcrafted, organic or vegan, using our expertise and global network to work with you to achieve your goals.